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1) Heart For God

This can seem hard to determine in one or two meetings, but this the most important one on the list.  We must sense that you genuinely LOVE Jesus Christ and have a passion to serve Him!


2) Obvious Talent

It's got to be clear that you have something special and unique - a sound that is all your own.  And it's got to be clear that you've worked hard to develop your talent, musicianship, vocals, etc. 

3) Passion & Work Ethic

We can only launch artists who are already working hard to serve the Lord by writing songs, playing out, doing events, serving wherever they can, using their gifts.  Sensing this passion and drive is very important.  


4) Desire To Serve

Innovate Records artists are driven to make Jesus famous!  We are here to serve, not to be served.  So we are looking for artists that have the mindset and attitude of Christ so that when you do a concert or lead a night of worship, we know that you know you're there to serve those people, giving them 100% of your efforts whether there are 20 people or 2,000.  This is HUGE in our book and it's the hallmark of what Innovate Records is all about.

Here are some criteria that we look for when we sign an artist.  If it looks like all of these are in place, contact us and we'll pray about partnering with you to launch your Christian music ministry.  

What Are We Looking For?

Our Artists

We've kept true to this mission and have launched many great artists.  Use the Our Artists tab above or click an image on the right to check out any of the artists or bands we've launched over the last few years.  

Are you a Venue or Promoter looking to book a great Christian artist in the Northeast Ohio, PA area?  Use the Contact Us / Booking page to place a Booking Request for any of our artists!

Our Studio & Production

Innovate Records was founded by Jordan Biel in 2008 with the sole desire of launching Christian artists.  He wanted to give them a unique experience - somewhat like a tour-guide, leading them step by step through the process from songs on a napkin to becoming a full-time giging Christian band or artist.  

Our Process