Social Media

We help you design the look and feel of your twitter, Facebook, and social media platforms so your brand is consistent throughout the web.  We even help you set up a store within these websites once your album is released.  


Once we are near the end of production, we'll begin to think about your overall brand (look and feel) of your music ministry, making sure it's consistent with your sound and beliefs and what you're all about.  Here are a few of the key elements we ensure are put into place, all with your  consistent brand (look and feel)

Official Website

We build a website for you at a fraction of the normal cost and that site reflects the brand (look and feel) of your album, social media, etc.  You can visit any of our artists websites to get an idea of the quality you'd receive.  Here are a few... 

Photo Shoot & Album Artwork 

We talk through your look and brand and message.  Then we schedule a photo shoot with you and/or your band with our photographer, then we schedule the artwork to be created by our team of graphic designers and you end up with a product you can be proud of for years to come.