Dave and the guys have been in the studio recording their sophomore album, Inside The Fire.  They find their "roots" on this one.  It's bleeding "roots rock n roll" and we can't wait for y'all to hear it!  Big open drums from Dennis, whaling guitars from Ryan, smooth as butter bass lines from Nate and of course, honest and open vocals from their leader, Dave Buchanan.  




"Music is a way of expressing emotions and beliefs and what better way to express our love for God and trust in Him.  We aim to bring people to a place of surrender to God and in that surrender, we pray they'd feel the Lord's presence and know that He is right there with them, responding to their worship.  Everything we do is an expression of our hope in Jesus Christ!

There's nothing more alive than scripture; this is why many of our lyrics declare the truth found in the Word of God!  We pray God will use it to speak to you!  

My goal as a songwriter and artist is that people would be able to easily relate to the songs and whether they're in the midst of a struggle or a celebration, they'd find a way to worship and thank God!" 

 - Dave Buchanan

Dave Buchanan Band

Genre & Sound: CCM, Worship, Singer-Songwriter