Lauren Cypher kicked it into high gear in 2016 releasing 2 albums with Innovate Records' producer Jordan Biel before she'd take off into the mission field with SOS!  

First, the highly anticipated Kids Worship Album, Once Upon A Time.  This fun album is great reviews!  It features 13 songs that are aimed at encouraging your little ones (and you) to Dream Bigger, to again be in awe and Wonder of our great God!  Track to track, these songs will get your kids on their feet, dancing in the joy of the Lord!   There's even an accompanying DVD for your kiddos to sing and dance to!  Let's make learning about God FUN for our little ones!  Pick it up here


Lauren's worship album, Beauty In Your Holiness, will take you right into the Holy Place as you worship Jesus.  She has a God-given songwriting ability and her intimate piano ballads will take you into the Throne Room and inspire you to stay there and worship at the feet of Jesus.