About The Band 

Nothin Left is a Christian rock band from Columbus, OH.  Their sound is aggressive yet understood, both clear and challenging.  Their lyrics will encourage your soul and yet you may find yourself speeding while listening on the road.  

Nothin Left signed to Innovate Records in October of 2016 after Innovate founder, Jordan Biel heard their demos online and knew there was a wealth of potential to be discovered.  

The band is led by lead singer Jessica Koogler and her background vocalist and rhythm guitar player is more than her right-hand man, Isaac is her husband and best friend.  He writes most of the songs for the band as well. These two are supported by drummer, Jim Lewis, lead guitarist, Joel Tubman and bassist, Evan Lewis.  

Their debut album, Shades of Red, released June 23rd, 2017.  It carries a message of strengthening - a promise of hope - that God is "more than enough" and that we can turn to HIM in any and every situation.  GOD ALONE is the strength we need in life.  Songs like title track Shades of Red, speak to the struggle we have in our minds at times in fighting the pressures of the world when we simply need to surrender our thoughts and hearts to Jesus Christ.  This album will get your day going in the right direction!  Pick it up anyone online, your favorite apps or order the hard copy by clicking here.