What if we could help STOP human trafficking and sex slavery with music?  

What if we could do our part to make a difference and begin to defeat this evil giant? 

Well that was the idea behind the restore album. 

Some great Christian artists, some from Innovate Records, some not, are coming together, 

each contributing a song so that 100% of the proceeds of the album can go towards putting 

a STOP to human trafficking through the ministries of Exodus Road, HAART and others. 

Below is our recording of Beauty For Ashes, a song Jordan first began to write as an 18 year

old in Bible College.  Innovate artist, Lauren Cypher helped finish writing the song 14 years later

and here's a sneak peak of us recording it.

We need your help!  We need people like you to pre-order the album to help us have the funds to 

order the actual CDs - this is the duplication cost of actually printing the CDs.  Help us 

#WorshipGodStopTrafficking by pre-ordering the restore album!