We just opened our 2nd Studio, The Cellar Studio B!  After we get the songs narrowed down to your very best, we give them the very best production possible with top-of-the-line gear, professional musicians, live string arrangements & the power of ProTools HD.  All this takes place at our studio, The Cellar.  To see a video explaining it all, click here.  To meet the session players click here.

So we've finished the album.  Now what?  Well, we decide an overall look and brand with you, we set up photo shoot, website, possibly a video or two and we give you all the tools you need to effectively get the word out.  We also take care of getting your CDs duplicated, your music on iTunes & all the digital retailers, everything you need launch your music ministry!   

We're committed to launching your Christian music ministry and that includes co-writing and developing your writing skills. Jordan Biel, founder of Innovate Records, has written hundreds of songs, he has had placements in numerous film libraries & won many songwriting awards & has 12 years of experience behind him with multiple albums.  He and other Innovate writers would love to co-write with you for your album! 

Branding & Marketing

Recording & Production

Songwriting & Mentoring

launching Christian artists is what we do